About Us

DS is a company dedicated to the development of projects, management and technical engineering and architecture, with more than 20 years of experience, formed by a multidisciplinary team of engineers, architects and experts in environment and sustainable; that allows us to offer costumers a global service and an optimal result.

What We Do

We carry out all kinds of architecture and engineering projects. From sketch to delivery.

Project Design

We draft new construction projects, renovations and installation projects and carry out the management of the corresponding works.

Personal Opinion

We have technical consultancy for the realization of expert reports, legalization and processing of licenses of activities and environmental licenses.

Territorial Sustainability

We are dedicated to the drafting and processing of urban planning, with their corresponding studies of landscape impact and environmental assessments.


We have professionals specialized in waste management with more than 30 years of experience.

Technical precision

The multidisciplinary nature of the company allows a comprehensive and complete technical service in all its fields..


The optimal results for each project are sought and adapted to the needs of each client.l.

Recent Projects

Check the latest projects we have carried out.


Your opinion is important to us. We appreciate your confidence.

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